Silver Spade Ranch

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Silver Spade Ranch

"Horses and life, it's all the same to me."

Buck Brannaman

Come join our community

"Confidence is knowing you’re prepared."

Ray Hunt

Horsemanship Lessons

"Why does it take a lifetime to learn to live a lifetime?"

Ray Hunt

Colt Starting

“It’s really amazing what a horse will do for you if he understands what you want and it’s also quite amazing what he’ll do to you if he doesn’t.”

Bill Dorrance

Horsemanship Clinics

“The horse is doing one of two things: he’s doing what he thinks he’s supposed to do, or he’s doing what he thinks he has to do to survive.”

Ray Hunt

Refinement Training

“Asking a horse ‘What can you do for me?’ is backwards.”

Ray Hunt

Cow Working

"In difficulty, there is opportunity."

Ray Hunt

Pasture Raised Beef

“Feel the whole Horse.”

Tom Dorrance

Silver Spade Ranch

Silver Spade Ranch is a family-run ranch located in Banks, Oregon, and the home of Donohue Horsemanship, which specializes in quality buckaroo-style horsemanship. At Silver Spade, horse boarding is available to students involved in our horsemanship programs, and horses/colts in training.

The beautiful new facility was built in 2010 and offers top of the line horse boarding, with great attention paid to every detail of your horse’s health and well-being. We pride ourselves on being familiar with each horse’s individualized temperament, health, and routines, so that we may provide the best possible customized care for the horse.

Our services and amenities include full care board, custom grain and supplement plans, top quality grass hay and alfalfa from Eastern Oregon, a large indoor arena with sand footing, and large grass pastures for turnout. For a detailed list of amenities and services please visit our Services page.

Our ranch was built as a facility to foster the high quality horsemanship that we teach and practice. The focus of Silver Spade Ranch is to build a community of people who are striving to learn to be better for and with the horse. We teach horsemanship lessons, cow working and ranch roping clinics, start colts, and train horses. For more information on our horsemanship program, please visit DonohueHorsemanship.

Silver Spade Ranch also raises top quality beef cattle. Our beef is pasture raised grass fed beef. As a part of the cattle program, we teach students who are interested how to raise and care for livestock, including working and roping them through our horsemanship clinics. Our beef is available for purchase by the quarter. For more information about Silver Spade beef, please visit our Services page.