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Silver Spade Ranch

"Horses and life, it's all the same to me."

Buck Brannaman

Come join our community

"Confidence is knowing you’re prepared."

Ray Hunt

Horsemanship Lessons

"Why does it take a lifetime to learn to live a lifetime?"

Ray Hunt

Colt Starting

“It’s really amazing what a horse will do for you if he understands what you want and it’s also quite amazing what he’ll do to you if he doesn’t.”

Bill Dorrance

Horsemanship Clinics

“The horse is doing one of two things: he’s doing what he thinks he’s supposed to do, or he’s doing what he thinks he has to do to survive.”

Ray Hunt

Refinement Training

“Asking a horse ‘What can you do for me?’ is backwards.”

Ray Hunt

Cow Working

"In difficulty, there is opportunity."

Ray Hunt

Pasture Raised Beef

“Feel the whole Horse.”

Tom Dorrance


Silver Spade Ranch offers full care boarding to those who are dedicated to improving their horsemanship and are currently enrolled in training or lessons with Donohue Horsemanship.

The ranch also has a thriving pature raised, grass fed beef program.  We offer a limited number of cattle for sale by the quarter, half or whole every fall.  We are producing some of the best beef in Washington county high in Omega fatty acids, flavor and tenderness. 

Full Care Horse Board


Our full care horse boarding includes the following services and amenities:


  • Our 80’-144’ indoor arena has sand footing, is watered and groomed regularly, and has two spacious elevated viewing/seating areas. We also have an outdoor 60’ round pen with all-weather footing.


  • The 12’x12’ horse stalls have rubber mats, wood pellet bedding, adjustable-height side walls allowing horses to socialize with their neighbors when possible, and open air stall fronts, to provide as open and natural of an environment as is possible in an indoor box stall.


  • Most of our 34 acre property is dedicated to large grass pastures, which were planted with a grass seed blend specifically designed for grazing horses. The horses are turned out in herds and are able to roam freely, graze, and socialize. Our turnout schedule changes year round, allowing for pasture rotation so that the horses are on quality grass as often as possible.


  • For horses requiring a limited intake of grass due to veterinary recommendations, we have a dry lot pasture free of grass, so that these special needs horses can still spend time outdoors in a herd environment.


  • We feed top quality grass hay and alfalfa from Eastern Oregon.


  • Our grain and supplement program is customizable, to provide the best nutrition for your horse’s individual needs. We offer a variety of grains and supplements, including a joint supplement that is custom made for our ranch, made right here in Oregon, and designed with the help of our ranch veterinarian. If you would like to be on our grain program but your horse requires additional supplements that we do not offer, we can add them to your horse’s daily grain for you.


  • When you board at Silver Spade Ranch, you are gaining exclusive access to a community dedicated to embracing quality horsemanship. For more information on our horsemanship program, visit our Horsemanship page at DonohueHorsemanship


  • Full care board includes daily stall cleaning and watering, twice daily feeding, herd turnout on our various pastures, space in one of our roomy and secure tack rooms, and use of our beautiful facility.


Silver Spade Ranch is the home of our lessons and training program, Donohue Horsemanship. We follow the buckaroo traditions of horsemanship, and study the horsemanship taught by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman. We believe that horses should be treated with great respect and understanding so that we may become good working partners with our horses. In order to better understand horses so that we may offer them this respect and understanding, we must continue to grow as human beings: to become better people, if not for ourselves, then for them. With this philosophy in mind, we teach riding lessons, horsemanship clinics, cow working, ranch roping, start colts, train horses, and teach refinement education. For more information about our horsemanship program, visit DonohueHorsemanship


Silver Spade Ranch also features a thriving pasture raised, grass-fed beef program. We offer a limited number of beef cattle for sale by the quarter, half, or whole every fall. We are producing some of the best beef in Washington County, high in Omega fatty acids, flavor and tenderness. As part of our beef program, students at Silver Spade Ranch who are interested in learning about the process of raising livestock have the opportunity to do so, through our cow working and ranch roping clinics.